During 1998 the foundation was laid out for another product, a filter for tougher machining – ODR (today Asmoke series).

Export efforts began in 1995 when the first units were sold to Norway, closely followed by Finland, Germany and Switzerland. Over the next few years Absolent established distributors in Europe. Many of them still exist today.

In 2000 Absolents first subsidiary, Absolent Inc., USA was founded. Today, the company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, but at first it was Chicago that served as the platform for the expansion of the network on the US market.

With ten employees and a growth of 174% between 1997-2000 Absolent AB was acknowledged as one of DI’s Gazelle companies in 2001, an award we are still very proud of today.

In 2011 it was time to enter China. After a few years of sales to major European customers, we would now test our wings and start our own subsidiary, Absolent Beijing. The initiative proved to be very successful and today Absolent has offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

At the turn of 2014/2015, we acquired our US distributor Avani which was incorporated as a subsidiary of Absolent AB.

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