The contamination that is generated from processes such as turning, cutting and multi-operation machines may vary. We have seen everything from oil mist emitted when turning with emulsion to heavy oil smoke from micro-manufacturing in Swiss-type lathes.

The emission of oil mist and oil smoke does not depend on whether you are using neat oil or emulsion. It is the size of the particles and the concentration of them that count. The higher the spindle speed and the coolant pressure, the smaller the particle will be and the more of them there will be. The size of the machine does not matter – a small one can produce a lot, and a big one can produce very little. A common misunderstanding is that oil mist is just oil mist, but that would be the same as saying a light drizzle would be the same as a thunder shower. The right filter for your application eliminates your mist and smoke problem, and does it at the lowest cost! Do you think it is difficult to know what unit to install? Well it’s not when Absolent or our distributors are around. Together we will make sure to select a filter unit that is perfect for you. A combination of a long lifetime and clean air is a tricky task, but we manage every time!

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Norrköpings Verkstadstekniska

Absolent’s specialty is to find new, innovative solutions. At Norrköpings Verkstadstekniska our collaboration with MaskinFransson (Maf.) made way for yet another exciting project.

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