Dry dust or smoke contamination in the air occurs during processes such as: welding, dry metal grinding or turning, blasting, flame spraying, laser cutting, plasma cutting as well as during various operations within the medical and ceramic industry. All of these applications have one thing in common; they all need to be connected to a trustworthy filtration system in in order to get a good working environment and avoid harmful health risks.

The Absolent dust filter unit Adust will not only provide the machine operator or welder with a more healthy work environment but can also turn costs into savings by making the process air recyclable after it has been filtered. The Cartridges are carefully selected to suit every application perfectly. The dust filter unit, Adust is equipped with an automatic self-cleaning control system which elongates the lifetime of cartridges. In cases where the process is considered to be explosive, Adust can be designed to comply with ATEX standards. The Absolent team and our representatives are happy to assist you with dust analysing, sizing the filter unit and ducting, selecting the right extraction equipment, as well as waste handling systems. All of this to provide a solution that fulfils the needs while far exceeding the customers’ expectations.

Products that are suited for dry applications

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