Oil mist from machine tools – Was it better in the past?

We wish it were that simple, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it. At least if we compare older air pollution measurements with ones made more recently. Many older measurements showed a lighter pollution or lower particle concentration, as we like to call it. What kind of pollution is it that we are talking about? … Continued

Do you know if your work air is clean?

Our nose is fantastic at sensing a variety of pollutants at low levels. Polluted air is often perceived as trapped and smelly. The nose is also an excellent “filter” for large particles. They simply get caught by the nasal hairs and can often be blown out. The particles we see in a room when the … Continued

Air quality in a workshop vs. polluted cities

In order to monitor outdoor air pollution, several countries have agreed on a common system for measuring and alerting residents on days with unhealthy air pollution levels. The system is called AQI – which means Air Quality Index and consists of a scale that is indicating real time values on how dirty and hazardous the … Continued

5 Things to consider when selecting air filtration for your process

1. What type of process air do You have?   Is the contamination wet, dry, sticky or a mixture of both? Check residues inside the process or even better, in existing extraction units or ductwork. It will give You a hint of what You are dealing with.   2. What does Your air pollution consist of? … Continued

6 signs of oil mist and oil smoke problems

The workshop needs frequent cleaning Oil mist often creates slippery floor and dirty machines and surroundings. What consequence would a slipping guest or colleague give your company? Sick-leave is high Oil mist irritates the lungs and could cause cold-like symptoms. What if oil mist is the reason for a high sick-leave? What problems and costs … Continued

New recommendation for oil mist and oil smoke levels in Swedish workplaces

What is a threshold limit value?   It is the average concentration of a certain chemical substance in the air. For most substances Sweden and many countries have two values: The Threshold limit value that is an average exposure based on a 8h/day, 40h/week work schedule The Short-term exposure limit is the peak exposure for … Continued

Large Interest for Absolent at Elmia Machine Tools

  – We’ve met with many customers, both current ones and potential new ones. We have noticed that there is a great interest for our products and that Absolent is a well-known brand among the visitors at Elmia Machine Tools which makes us very happy. We are also really pleased with our stand this year, … Continued

Are you exposed to oil mist and metal working fluids at work?

Oil mist is found in industrial processes such as: CNC machining, such as turning and milling Forming/Pressing Grinding Heat Treatment Die Casting   If the oil mist is not taken care of, it can have a big impact on our health. Known occupational diseases  caused by oil mist include: Irritation of the respiratory system affecting … Continued