DIFA d.o.o, Škofja Loka, Slovenia. DIFA manufactures small and middle size high pressure die castings from Aluminum and Zink alloys, which are mainly sold to the automotive industry.


DIFA contacted Absolent in 2007 because they experienced bad air quality in the factory. To fix this the doors and windows were constantly opened to vent the premises. The problem was that the draft caused a low indoor temperature during the colder months which led to a relatively high sick leave of the workers due to colds. During summer time the environment became highly heated and humid, which also had a negative effect on the employees. Another problem was that the work environment was so contaminated that the walls, cieling and lights were covered in black dirt.


To solve the problems that the staff at DIFA experienced, all machines were equipped with hoods, designed and delivered by Absolents slovenian distributor Kemol d.o.o. DIFA also invested in Plug&Play filter units from Absolent, specially designed to cope with die casting applications. First 2 ODR 3000 (today Asmoke40) were installed in 2007 and later 2 Asmoke40 (previously called ODR 3000) in 2014.


The air quality immediately improved and the first filter unit was maintenance free for over 2.5 years! The second filter unit, also installed in 2007 operated for 6 years with no attention needed. The filter units that were installed in 2014 are still running, maintenance free. The air quality has improved dramatically at DIFA and the sick leave of workers has dropped. Thanks the clean and bright walls and ceilings the light reflection is better, which has significantly improved the work environment. The visibility has become better which has had a positive effect on the accuracy of the subsequent control of the ready made goods. The clean facility has also led to successful audits for new potential partners.
We have experienced a significant difference since the Absolent solution was installed. Without air filtration the walls used to be completely black from smoke and dirt. Now the environment is clean and we no longer have to spend valuable time and resources on cleaning. The filtration results are astonishing! , says Rado Stojaković, Maintenance Manager at DIFA.